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Center for MultiCultural Health


1120 East Terrace St Suite 200
Seattle, WA   98122

Services Provided

Breast and Cervical Health Screening

This program provides free breast, cervical, and colon cancer screening to low-income people in Washington State. Eligibility is based on health insurance status, income & age

Community-based outreach, education and referrals for African American women and women of African descent. Free breast, cervical and colon cancer screening.

HIV Resources

- HIV Program for African and Caribbean immigrants living in WA. Offers HIV testing, peer support, referrals to treatment and community outreach.
- Brothers Link: confidential HIV & STD screening for African American gay and bi men, transgender individuals and men at high risk for HIV

Immigrant & Refugee Resettlement Resources

Agencies that provide case management or comprehensive services for recent immigrants, refugees and/or asylees.

Offers a Refugee Health Advocacy Project
Languages that may be served: Amharic, Cambodian, Russian, Tigrigna, Chinese & Vietnamese