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14 E Casino Rd
Everett, WA   98208

Services Provided

Nurse-Family Partnership Program (First-Time Moms)

This program offers free support, guidance and home visiting services for first-time moms, starting before the 28th week of pregnancy.

14 E Casino Rd
Blgd A
Everett, WA   98208

Enrolling during pregnancy, before 28 weeks
Serves first-time moms under the age of 26
Please call for eligibility & enrollment information; serves Snohomish County

Parents as Teachers

This free program offers parent-child activities, child health and development information, and connections to community resources. Participating parents enjoy one-on-one personal visits twice a month with a trained parent educator and monthly group events with other families for two or more years.

Please call for eligibility & enrollment information.
Serves eligible families of Snohomish County

Play & Learn Groups

Free organized play groups that support children’s early learning & development. Please call to confirm group dates and times.

14 E Casino Rd, Building C
Everett, WA   98208

Online activities are currently available through ChildStrive’s Facebook page:

Free for children 0 – 5