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Hopelink Medicaid Transportation (Snohomish County)



Services Provided

Medicaid Transportation Services

You must be enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid) in either King or Snohomish County, and your transportation needs must be for a medical appointment such as: dialysis, OB, medical, dental, COVID-19 vaccines appointments, etc.

Pease call at least at least 7-14 days before of your appointment. If you request transportation less than 2 business days before your appointment, they may not be able to schedule transportation for you.

Trips are paid by client’s Medicaid coverage.

The most common types of transportation available include:
- Bus tickets and passes
- Gas vouchers
- Mileage reimbursement
- Volunteer Drivers
- Wheelchair van/cabulance
- Taxi
- Uber

Call Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm

To cancel or check status of ride, call My Ride Line: 1-800-595-2172