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Intercultural Children and Family Services


15 S Grady Way Suite 434
Renton, WA   98057

Services Provided


At weekly home visits, families receive books and toys plus interaction techniques to stimulate language and build enthusiasm for learning. This free 2-year program builds child and parent skills for school success.

Enrolling children 16 – 30 months
Program officially starts Oct 2020
Serves African American, Native American and Spanish speaking families living in South King County

Early Education & Literacy Resources

Offers a free Virtual Kindergarten Readiness Program serving African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino families with children ages 3-5 living in South King County. This program offers a free tablet and internet access. Enrolling currently for fall of 2020.

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes and support offered in a variety of settings.

Offers a variety of Parent Coaching, Counseling and Education Programs. New for 2021 focusing on serving African American families and families of color:
- Father Engagement Program: supporting fathers in strengthening their relationship with their children
- Chicago Parents Program: 12-week Virtual Workshop every Saturday

Parents as Teachers

This free program offers parent-child activities, child health and development information, and connections to community resources. Participating parents enjoy one-on-one personal visits twice a month with a trained parent educator and monthly group events with other families for two or more years.

Enrolling during pregnancy and for children 0-3
Please call for eligibility & enrollment information
Serves South King County