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MultiCare (Tacoma General Hospital)


315 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Tacoma, WA   98405

Services Provided

Breastfeeding Pumps & Supplies

Call the breast pump rental line at 253-697-1209 to rent a pump

Breastfeeding Support

Provides support and resources for breastfeeding women.

Outpatient Consultation Clinic: available daily 8:00am – 4:00pm by appointment
Support Group also offered

Childbirth Education

Childbirth preparation classes that may accept Apple Health (Medicaid) for payment. Please call for more detailed information.

Please call or visit the website to register for classes
Please call 253-697-5300 to register with Apple Health (Medicaid)

New Parent Support

Programs, services & support for new parents who have newborns or babies under a year.

Offers a Mom & Baby Support Group and a Grief & Loss Support Groups for Perinatal Loss or SIDS infant death

Prenatal Care

Community clinics that provide prenatal care for pregnant women & accept Apple Health (Medicaid). Please call to see if clinics are currently accepting new patients. For additional information, you can call Help Me Grow Washington at 800-322-2588.