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Neighborhood House


1225 South Weller St, Suite 510
Seattle, WA   98144

Services Provided

Early Education & Literacy Resources

Currently offering a free virtual preschool for kids 0-5 for those who qualify.
Participating families will receive learning materials such as books and toys delivered to their homes and be loaned tablets to use during the year. Please call 206-403-7544 for enrollment information.

Early Head Start

With a trained home visitor, families learn about child development, participate in health and nutrition screenings and develop a plan for family and child growth. Participants can attend gatherings with other families and participate in meetings that inform program direction.

Enrolling during pregnancy and for children 0-3
Please call for information about eligibility & enrollment
Serves families living in Tukwila, SeaTac, Skyway, Burien, West Seattle, Central Seattle or South Seattle


At weekly home visits, families receive books and toys plus interaction techniques to stimulate language and build enthusiasm for learning. This free 2-year program builds child and parent skills for school success.

Rainier & New Holly Area
Seattle, WA   98144

Please call for eligibility & enrollment information

Immigrant & Refugee Resettlement Resources

Agencies that provide case management or comprehensive services for recent immigrants, refugees and/or asylees.

Offers case management & citizenship services