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Somali Youth & Family Club


19550 International Blvd No. B106
SeaTac, WA   98188

Services Provided

Parent Support

Offers workshops that provide information and education on parenting skills, appropriate discipline practices and knowledge to increase understanding of brain development. They also work on Kindergarten readiness skills.

Housing Assistance

This agency provides information about affordable housing.

Offers Homeless Prevention Program, Rapid Rehousing and Rental Assistance. Please call for more details.

Play & Learn Groups

Free organized play groups that support children’s early learning & development. Please call to confirm group dates and times.

Creston Point Apartments
13445 Martin Luther King Jr Way S,
Seattle, WA   98178

Meets Thurs & Fri 11:00am – 1:00pm
Free for children 0 – 5
Somali speaking group

  • A Kaleidoscope Play & Learn Group