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Developmental Evaluation for Children 3+ Years (Child Find)

Find your local school district to ask about services available for children with special needs after their 3rd birthday.
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Statewide School District Locator

More detailed information:
Children age 3 to 5:
Contact your school district’s Child Find services if you are concerned your child may have a learning or developmental delay and/or may need developmental support services.

Once your school district is located, do an internet search with the name of your school district with the phrase “Child Find” in quotes. Call the phone number listed and ask to schedule a Child Find Developmental Evaluation for your child.

Children age 5 to 21:
Contact your neighborhood public school. Request a developmental evaluation by contacting your child’s teacher, counselor or principal. If your child is homeschooled or attends private school, contact your neighborhood public school or the Student Services/Special Education office of your school district.