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Farmers Markets

Farmers markets sell fresh, healthy food grown or made in Washington. Many markets accept WIC vouchers, EBT (food stamps) and credit/debit cards, as well as cash.
Resource Name Location Contact
Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Please call toll free hotline for eligibility and enrollment information, program runs Jun – Oct; applications are accepted up until mid-May

SNAP Market Match Program

At the Farmers Market
1. Go to the market’s Information Booth and tell them you’d like SNAP Market Match
2. Swipe your EBT card for the amount you want to spend
3. You’ll receive that amount in EBT tokens AND that same amount in SNAP Market Match dollars
4. Shop for fruits and vegetables using your SNAP Market Match dollars

Markets match $10 or more per day

WA State Farmers Market Association

Search for a farmers market near you & locate markets that accept WIC Vouchers (June – Oct) and EBT cards