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Financial Resources

Provides help with financial education, including debt consolidation, foreclosure prevention & financial planning.
Resource Name Location Contact
Money Management International (Seattle)

Offers a range of financial education and counseling services to tackle the most common financial setbacks people face today.

United Healthcare Children's Foundation

This program provides money for medical needs not covered by private insurance.

Washington Asset Building Coalition

Get help with services such as banking, financial planning, credit & debt counseling, free tax preparation, homeownership & foreclosure prevention.

Cocoon House

24/7 Crisis Response for Youth ages 12-17
Call or text 425-877-5171

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Visit to determine when you are eligible to take Family and Medical Leave, to learn how to prepare your application, and to apply for the benefits.

United Way Benefits Hub

This program provides King County students with financial assistance tools, such as: housing and emergency financial assistance grants.

Call or email to get connected.

United Way Benefits Hub coaches get students connected to housing, food, and financial resources. Call to make an appointment or email for questions about their services.